Boneyboy 1.5

Escape the jungle in this cool platform game

This classic-style Jump'n' Run offers multi-layer scrolling, rendered animations and backgrounds and stunning sound. You have to guide the little pygmy Boneyboy through the jungle to clear each stage. Leap from vine to vine, jump from platform to platform and collect various items that will help you advance further in the game. But watch out: many opponents and traps will give you a hard time. Think about: you will explore a world full of danger.


  • Outstanding graphics
  • More than 30 different levels and bonus levels
  • Automatic save function after each level
  • Excellent music and sound effects
  • Programmable keys
  • Ultimatively heli-jump (bone on Boneyboy's head works as a rotor)
  • Dozens of different animated enemies and traps in a huge world
  • Very soft multi-layer scrolling
  • Sensational particle effects
  • Motion-blur-effect, if Boneyboy is touching an enemy
  • Weather effects (rain and bolts)

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Boneyboy 1.5